Based on our experiences from the 2012 Marathon World Cup and the 2013 Marathon World Championships we will further develop the sustainability profile of sport events held in Denmark.

organicDanish Canoe Federation was in May 2014 awarded the yearly ‘Sustainability Price’ from the Danish Olympic Committee. Primarily based on the green initiatives carried out during the 2013 Marathon World Championships – but also due to the high level of visibility of the environmental initiatives towards clubs, partners and public organisations.

At the Sprint World Cup 2015, we are focusing on waste handling as well as food and beverage. We have implemented standard sorting of waste and regular cleaning of the surroundings. On food and beverage,  we offer Danish tap water, nature’s own product. All athletes will receive a water bottle to refill Danish tap water at the tap water stations placed in different spots at the venue. Spectators can buy a water bottle and refill it with tapwater.

We recommend that spectators use public transportation. 

As a fun event, you can charge your phone using a kayak ergometer.